When it comes to ceiling lights and indoor lighting, our chandeliers are the cream of the crop. From crystal finishes, and creative designs to funky rose gold and extravagant lightbulbs, Yolo&Co has a chandelier ceiling light for every taste and style. Our chandeliers are guaranteed to enhance your space and light up your home.

How to choose a chandelier

Chandeliers are sophisticated ceiling lights that can add elegance to a space or make a statement in a room. A chandelier is usually a significant part of a room’s decorative scheme. If you install a chandelier that’s too big for the space, it can feel overwhelming. Too small and it’s underwhelming.

It’s one of those design elements in which proportion is key. It is important to think about the style of your space and what message you are trying to send with your chandelier choice. Do you want your indoor ceiling light to be simple or elegant? A showstopper? Do you want your chandelier to blend in? Ultimately the choice is all yours.

Which room does a chandelier work best in?

Chandeliers have more sockets than traditional flush-mount indoor lights. The extra light chandeliers offer make it the perfect solution for larger rooms. The basic rules for hanging a chandelier include choosing the size, style, height, and location.

Usually, the placement of this unique ceiling light is in the dining room or in the main entranceway. However, a chandelier could work just as well in your passage or living room, especially if the room is large and you have high ceilings.

Why Yolo&Co?

Yolo Interiors are award-winning interior design specialists now bringing you Yolo&Co - an online furniture store with a fresh and inspired approach to indoor ceiling lights and chandeliers.

Our focus is on providing indoor ceiling lights that work for you in every sense: beautiful, functional, and in line with your lifestyle. If you are looking for the perfect indoor ceiling light or chandelier - Yolo&Co is your one stop e-commerce store.

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